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Realtor’s job is good and bad at the same time, because you are quiet free with your working hours in the office but at the same time isn’t so easy explain which is best deals for homeowners, maybe this is a thing that is possible understand only working inside this field or maybe not…Let me explain better:

You hang out and you did  home research in a determinate location, you talked with thousand of person that informed you about Mr x and his wife are selling their home, well no other agency is arrived yet…then you talked with other thousands of person to find phone numbers, in some case facebook is very helpful and then you are so good to contact home owners and fix an appointment to see an do  a rating/estimation of their home…. Is so ugly when you find a nice home (from exterior) and then your dream disappears one minute later you entered inside it…Homeowners a good thing for attire potential clients  is CLEANING! Is so bad visit a home that is dirty and smells not so good!!!

However if you are a good realtor you are able to see if “the house" has potencial to became an amazing house, now after a long visit (or short it depends from homeowners availability) you do the Giant question ”have you any idea about price the house?”, most time answer would must to be yes but in reality almost everyone say no, so you say “well considering real  trades in the area in the past 6 months price could be X ” well apart a pair of times everyone is schocked… hei realtors earns most of their salary with commission so selling house with highest price means earn more but in reality isn’t always possible… Or another story is when homeowner came into real estate agency saying that there are thinking about to sell their home, and you explain that for say How could be a good price you NEED to watch it with your eyes, so then long discussions (yep more people think that you can say a price without visiting homes) you explain what is good and which could say negative clients, and then they say “oh we aren’t going to pay commission for agency”, seriously I would like to say “why you went in the agency if you aren’t going to pay me for my work”, I would like to work for free it would means that I’m rich but I’m quiet sure that also Donald’s Trumps asked commissions for his apartment when he sold them…and he is very rich!!!

I don’t know how to explain better but some days ago I visited an apartment in a strategic location but there are so many renovations work to do that I’m not been able to say that price were to high, because with an offer we can open a deal and price is so Highest, I’ve see a lot more high prices...and if a realtor says you that accept your price but in the next two months you would must to reduce the price isn’t a bad thing, is good that you found an honest realtor

So I’m so happy to see and read The broke agent blog, so I feel a little bit less alone with weird clients and weird homeowners!!!


  1. come tutti i lavori purtroppo ci sono pro e contro, ma francamente è un rischio che correrei, mi piacerebbe essere un'agente immobiliare, meglio ancora se come quelli di Million dollar listing L.A.!!

    1. il mio lavoro mi piace e mi diverto...e a dirla tutta mi piacerebbero anche le commissioni che gadagnano gli agenti su Million dollar listing L.A.,ma mi piace leggere il blog The broke agent così mi sento meno sola quando capitano le giornate no....ormai cerco di vedere il lato positivo di tutto, bcchiere sempre mezzo pieno!!!


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