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I’m looking some photos from my past trips and honestly I am in a sorto f nostalgic mood, especcially because probably I will see sea a total of 0 times, my egion is wonderful but there is a thing that miss and it is sea…but luckily I have a lovely swimming pool near home…
me and my friend Sammy
But this summer for work I’ve been here only 3 times, but I am going to spend at least another day with friends, I was talking with my friend Sammy that an entire day with me, Fede, Claudia and she means have a entire day full of laughs and believe me sometimes our conversations could be seriously interesting for Sex & the city writers:P...(if they need we could offers a lot of suggestions;P). However someone would gently explain me why women must to go into pools and sea with ton of makeup on their faces? at least choose waterproof makeup or you can be definited new girlfriend of Jocker
I'm going to draw something similar for my personal handmade coloring book:P

 Here some pics from my past travels:P

my weekend in Pisa

Christian summer camp in sicily
weekend in Sicily (Scicli-Gela)


We were talking about our past holidays and summer crushes, seriously is so nice turn back with mind to teens years…everything was more easier, now with adulthood seems that everything became complicated.
However we talked also about staycation and I said that I’m going to do a lot of things and infact in these days I’m going to draw and create coloring book and handmade greeting cards...

I've noticed that I've spent more than usual and ate a lot of not so healty food, so I'm going to create healty menu planning, plan budget and shopping ban trial period,  biking instead car (so it save me  to spend money for fuel) and nordic walking (this summer I didn't workout once apart swimmingpool days), I have a lot of things to do during this onth, luckily work side became slower this means that I can seriously enjoy my sort of staycation


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As I wrote some post ago first time I saw Olivia Palermo into "the city show" I found her nasty and posh but I always admitted that I loved (and I still like a lot) her outfits because she was ans still is always perfect... so if you have just received a phone call for job interview see her outfit searching inspiration (web will help you to find low cost similar clothes but on your budget so bankruptcy isn't an option)...

The other woman that I admire for her style is italian curvy model Elisa D'ospina, she is really beautiful woman and her outfits are perfect, because if you are curvy sometimes isn't so easy to find right outfit for you...

One thing that you must to do during job interview is smile, have a good voice (not too high/low volume/tone), not too much make up, clean hair and I suggest to study the agency so you'll be prepared on questions about their business and wear clean clothes, I can  remember that time that a friend of mine wore her favorite wh…