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Ok I must to say I want to work in Rome and sometimes I think that I'd like to live in the Eternal city, this friday I had some job interviews and I had my friend Samantha as travel buddy, we walked a lot choosenice place to eat and had great shopping I'm been good infact I've bought only one black skirt that is perfect with all clothes there are into my wardrobe...

I love Rome, honestly I prefer it to several cities, every time I fall in love for something new...for example this time is been great view from Pincio

Samantha had a watch to count our stps and at 3 pm we already done more than 20.000, I wanted to add more gym to daily routine and this is been a good deal!!!

First stop is been at Bar Trombetta near Termini station for breakfast, then job interview and then walk in the centre, 

For lunch we were undecided about place to eat, in the end we opt for a restaurant choosing Sushi lunch option, for €15 is been a good deal: this option  has a bowl of white rice-I added soy sauce a bowl of Miso soup-delicious-sushi-fish-spaghetti and fruits, everything fresh and delicious...

in the afternoon serious time dedicated to walk and relax being normal toruists and we had our last coffe into Casina del lago cafe inside Villa Borghese park, amazing place surrounded by nature.

These kind of days are my favorite I love traveling and do it with friends!!!


  1. Sounds like a great day! My wife and I are seriously considering going to Rome during our Europe vacation next Summer. We are for sure going to Paris for approximately a week, but undecided about where else to go at this point.

    1. It is been, ok maybe I am a Rome lover but I really recommend you to visit It because is magnificient:D


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