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Ok you followed every single tips and suggestion of your realtor, attended some Open house and reorganized spaces in your home to have a good first impression on potential clients....Good but sometimes there are things that is better don't hear, see, say...

If you are like me so you have pets, is normal that you decide to keep them in the house, well it isn't wrong but most people are afraid for their kids (I have an opinion about it but is better to say NO COMMENT), or maybe they are allergic, Sometimes is the pet that could attack client so is better for that day do a long walk in the park, ask to your parents or friends to keep your pets in their home...

KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN: If you have decluttered and reorganized your home, cleaning time become more easy and enter in a clean house, is a better welcome that put your foot in a dirty house or not? If you ever seen an episode of Buying & Selling you noticed that also Scott brother say Keep the house so (aka clean and organized)

Ok you are the homeowner for the moment, so you would like to be in the Home during the Open house day, but honestly this isn't a great idea, maybe you saved for buy that house doing a lot of sacrifices, did renovation works following your preference and believe me...isn't good to listen that some rooms are ugly, that color is wrong, because you can think that is an insult on your personality and is normal that you can say something that isn't so gentle...

This is why I tend to suggest to take the open house day as free day from the house, so potential clients are free to say their real thouhgts you don't feel stressed about critics and in the end of it also realtor is more relaxed, don't believe that be moderator between client and homeowner is an easy affair, however also realtors can make great mistakes, but we'll talk about it next time!


  1. Mi sembra un ottimo suggerimento per non dover subire lo stress di visite e critiche!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Assolutamente si, immagina di sentire una marea di sconosciuti che giudica i tuoi gusti e le tue scelte, non è carino e non è stressante solo per il padrone di casa ma anche per l'agente immobiliare che deve mediare sempre...quindi i padroni di casa devono prendersi tempo libero e tornare solo al termine dell'evento:P


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