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Finally I found time to sit and write my lovely snail mail to my pen pals ( yes I still use snail mail), I know that email are quickly but there is something special into receive and send a REAL letter, if Calligraphy courses are so interesting there is a reason right? 

Well I was having a coffee date with a friend of mine and we're talking about how is hard to find a nice gift when you are on a budget... but during our conversation I was thinking that coupons are always a nice choices but at the same time I was thinking that maybe in my hometown there aren't so many offers, well it was absolutely wrong!

I've, searched GROUPON and did a research into my hometown, I found great ideas, perfect also if you havent so many money to spend... If you work in a office usually you soend a lot of time with colleagues and this is a nice idea on a budget there is  a coupon for coffee, hug, travel together...isn't a great suggestion...

I always said that I wanted to take a day in a SPA, but being on a budget I can't afford, Wrong, using GROUPON DEALS I saw that is possible have a beauty cuddle for €19,90 and also if you are on a budget you must to reward yourself, this helps you to keep focused on your goals! LEt me explain better when I had my first budgeting experience, well my social life went from full to ZERO and it was really frustrating, while decide to give yourself a reward 8daily, weekly, monthly) helps to find new way of fun that don't intack your savings...

I must to say this year I'm going to reward myself with some nice things, infact I decided to try at least one new thing every month, considering the fact I haven't an unlimited amount of money GROUPON will help me to keep my budget under control, plus if you are a new client GROUPON offer you a discount of €10 is a good deal...HAve a good shopping session!


  1. I think people REALLY value handwritten notes these days. I sometimes leave little notes for my wife in her lunch and she always appreciates them.

    1. Your wife is a lucky woman, handwrittend letter or notes are really good

  2. Groupon è davvero molto utile, hanno sempre delle offerte super vantaggiose!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Lo ammetto all'inizio ero scettica pensavo che non vivendo in una grande città ci fossero poche offerte e invece... ho trovato un sacco di deals interessanti:D


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