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I'm a woman that loves fashion and also if I am on a budget I love saw on fashion magazines and web some interesting suggestions about outfits,...Since I have a budget to respect I noticed how I usually bought cloothes on boring days maybe I've boughts clothes without wear them once so every 3-4 months I do a serious declutter in my wardrobe....when I am tempted to buy something new first I ask if that items is in my approved shopping ist then if It can be combo with items I already have how much hours I must to work to afford it and if I can re-use several times and then I try to wait 24 hours before to buy.... I am not always good and sometimes I buy without asking nothing (especially in bookstore books are a serious temptations for me)....

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan there is a fashion article about outfits for the office from monday till friiday and honestly I'm already oin ove for them but I tried to find low cost version of some of them... BONPRIX and H&M can help a lot!

Usually I tend to have a sort of weekly niform that in these days consinsts in : jeans sneakers simple navy shirts ( I have two) light jacket and maxi bag and if temperatures are more colder in the morning I have a nice hat foundin the Christmas market last year for only €5 a real good deal....for this year I'm going to try a new hat for winter and decided tor eturn to my natural hair color this will be gift for myself in the month of I must to admit that I'm totally in love with this dress from H&M that is perfect from morning till late night:P and that shoes too...

Most people say that isn't possible to find nice clothes when you are on a budget well this proves that is completely wrong and believe me on these shops you find not only good prices but also good quality!!!


  1. I like H&M as a cheap alternative to some of the more expensive options, but unfortunately I'm kind of "in between" sizes right now so I can never find anything that fits "great."

    1. H&M is cheaper instead other fancy brand but has good quality but honestly is a daily temptation so I tend to visit when I need to buy something that fit me good but I understand you perfectly:D


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