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This past week is been good, really busy but I've kept my weekly date with friend and I had also a lunch in a restaurant -that I can really recommend-with family...and in the end of the day went in a flower  garden furniture shop where my mother bought something for her and gifted me a lovely necklace with shells...

I worked almost all the afternoon as baby sitter and in the evening I've kept dog sitting and evening walking, but with shorter journey I'll must to change hour, but for now with sunny days temperatures are really really good!

Me and my friend Claudia spent saturday afternoon talking and in the evening we wanted our sandwich take away, but this service isn't available in the weekend so we opted for dear old friens Mc donalds and we watched Bridget Jones 1 and 2, talking and laughing a lot, I love laugh  with friends and family it is a good habit, science says that is good also for your healt!
Plus i'm lanning some day trips with girls that are necessary, honestly i'm trying to convince also my parents to do a day trip together, I'm quiet sure I'll win and convince them:P

I'm been into thrifty store to sel some books that I'm not going to keep or read again and I'm doing a list of books I'm going to read until the end of 2016 and I must to admit I already started look into shop to find ideas for Christmas gifts...I already had some gifts in my moind, but I'm going to buy later but not after first of December....I noticed price became higher in this moth so I'm not going to spend 2 for something that until 31 of november costs 1...

During this week I'm going to spend a night out with girls, have a dinner out and then work until friday choosing to stay at home during week nights reading apart friday night that I watch a nice tv when I have time in the afternoon I like to watch "My kitchen rules" program, it is really interesting!!!
favorite dish I ate in the restaurant 

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: dinner out with friend but it is been under €15 so I'm very proud about it, I'm having good social life still having a tiny weekly budget
  • Today I feel Unsure towards money because: also if I'm doing a good work I'm waiting for a payment and before it I'm a little bit unsure about budget planned, so I'm trying in  to cover daily expenses with dog sitting income, but in these moments I'm a little bit unsure and afraid to intack emergency fund for unexpeced bills, but for the moment seems nothing unexpected happened also if I'm going to save more so I know I'll have very frugal period but my friends know that I'm not going to became extrem cheapskate:D
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make mehappy was: spend quality time with family at lunch on sunday and spending quality time with friends, probably soon I'll have time only for coffee date
  • I will consider this week a success if I'll don't have big headaches during budgeting day, I will send out a snail mail to my friend Noemi in her new house and probably in 2017 I'll visit her (at least I hope to be able to do it)
  • Tv program of the week: Honestly I have 2: My kitchen rules where 6 couples cook and present menu to other couple and two judges, then other guests vote for the dinner and the final winner of season win 250000 not bad right? and the other is Tale e Quale show where italian Vip try to imitate singers and I find it very very funny....

How is been your week?


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