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This past week is been good and bad at the same time, good  because I've kept my date with friends, bad because I was going to spent today 4th of September in Rome, but with some flue I decided to stay at home, but I'm plan an extra day trip in the Eternal city, I'm a little bit sorry to hadn't the opportunity to see Bansky exibithion but there will be other occasions in the future, so try to see glass half full!!!

During this past week I've started to refresh my German and seriously I must to say my memory is not like when I was a teen, maybe I'm becaming too old but I've read that keeping brain active reading and studying keep it I am keeping and for the end of the year I would like to be able to have a decent conversation in German...

During this past week after 3 months of pool and bicolor hair I opted for keep my hair bronde, all of my friends liekd them and also I did on forst moments now I am thinking that are too blonde maybe next time I'll return to my natural color!!!

On Friday I had a coffee date with my friend Sammy and in the evening a dinner+ movie with my rfriend Claudia, we decided to watch ME BEFOREYOU, ok story is great I already read Moyes's books and I must to confess also if I loved some Lou's outfit I hadn't a single sob moment while I cried seriously reading, maybe is because I was prepared having read book before? However if you want to watch the movie I really recommend It (read and watch)

For this week I'm going to work a little bit more, I have extra baby sitting session and I'm going to accept other side hustle works into writing field, but I have a serious trip planned for the end of the month or beginnin gof October so I'm saving more, this is been a frugal summer and honestly I liked it so I am been able to demostrate that is possible have great holidays also during staycation

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:dinner out+movie+ books for September, social life on a budget, my passion for book and selection for the month I am proud of my work
  • Today I feel Savvy towards money because: I'm planning a day trip with girls and I am going to save a detrimnated amount every week, so after a frugal summer this will be a frugal month
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: ok to behonest isn't been free but I send a package to a friend and sensation during the act was great and sensations are completely free!
  • I will conider this week a success if: I'll walk 40 minutes daily , I had this good habit to walk before, during and after dog sitting from monday till friday, this is another good habit that I am going to keep
  • Planning: day trip with girls, my friends are essential part of trip so we need to fix a day good for everyone of us but I already know that it will a great day!!!
How is been your week?


  1. That's so great you are learning German! I am learning French and it's been a process. I would love to go to Paris next Summer.

    1. I am doing it as investment on brain and for work, I'm working hard because my memory isn't like I was a teen but I am going to be able to have a decent conversation in German for the end of the year!!!


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