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Last time I explained why is better to make an offer per time and I wanted to talk about tips how to present a house better but after a while a couple of friends that are undeceided asked me if they can make two offer at the same time with two realtor and two different homes...ABSOLUTELY I tried to explain better the resaon, but if in the end you are going to waste your money I will send you my IBAN so I can say money will be well invested:P

You found two homes, you need to calculate pros and cons and if list is equal you need to take at least two days to think about every solution and only then take a decision and MAKE ONLY ONE OFFER...Why?

I try to explain better is possible:

  • you found 2 homes with 2 different realtors, so you are going to make 2 offers thinking tha tif you fail one you have the other, well story is a little bit different because every offer must to have a check attached (deposit that usually is 10-20% of your offer). So try to imagine this scenario: you make offer with a check of €10000, realtr present it to homeowner and he/she accept and sign the offer (It worths as legal contract). Then you change idea because you understood that you prefer the other house
  • Ok you'll buy onehouse but homeowner house that you don't want will receive your deposit, so you lose €10000 and realtor wants his/her commission and you must to pay, because every time you make an offer with realtor, he/she will ask to sign a documents for commission, 
  • In this exactly case you will lose €10000 and you'll must to pay two commission that usually are 3% of house's price, so if house is on sale for 100000 realtor commission will be 3000+vat, so with 2 accepted offer you must to pay 20000 for deposit and more of 6000 on commission, when is better to pay a little bit more of 13000 for our ideal house
Why you must to wasteyour money, realtors could be happy to be paid also without selling, but honestly this isn't my case, I prefer to know that client and homeowner did a good affair, plus if you are still thinking to make 2 offers at same time, you are free(we ive in a free country)but if I can suggest take at least a coupleof days, return to visit home from outside alone and then you make an offer on house where you feel really at home!!!


  1. Il tuo ragionamento non fa assolutamente una piega!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Lo ho dovuto spiegare più volte perchè molti pensano che fare un'offerta non sia vincolate e invece è un contratto legale quindi perchè perdere 13000 così anzichè aspettare un paio di giorni e ragionare, magari io ho fatto meno vendite di altri agenti ma se a distanza di anni ancora mi chiamano e c'è un bel rapporto un motivo ci sarà...


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