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I love real estate and I like financial blogs and articles about savings, so I was reading some old article from Cosmopolitan UK about some tips from real I decided to share which I found really interesting sharing also my personal opinion:

SHARE FLAT WITH OTHER PEOPLE: If you are try to save rent a flat alone could be seriously expensive, so many people opt to live for a period with strangers, is always better do a list of rules, errands, equal bill division to avoid discussions...Honestly I understand that this is a good way to save quickly but honestly it isn't good for my family or only for me...I am been ok to share room with strangers during christian summer camps but usually I knew at least one person and it was for a max 1 week...I could share flat with one of my best friend but having rules because I noticed so many friendship ruins after co-housing. So thinking a lot I understood that best deal to save a lot is live in the parent's least this is best deal for me at the moment!

TREATS FOR FREE: Home deposit isn't cheap and also if you have a good salary maybe you can't still afford it, so what can you do to save more? Swap some expensive habits with FREE treats...believe me it isn't impossible...
 If you are a coffee lover like me is easy that you buy a coffee daily and his means a total of €60 each month...well I'm not saying to eliminate this habit but reduce it, for example I tend to drink coffee at home make with my MOKA every morning and I have a max of 2 coffee date with friends weekly and this helped to save a good amount of money.

PARK INSTEAD GYM SUBSCRIPTION: Park is absolutely free and if you have a gym buddy you can follow some exercise circuit directly from Youtube, considering that a monthly subscription costs from €60/70 till €120 why stay closed indoor while longer and warm journeys you can do a lot of activities: hiking, walking, running, the end of summer you'll saved a nice amount to put directly into savings.

 BRING YOUR LUNCH INSTEAD BUY IT: Ok this is worst habit ever, buy lunch daily became expensive and unhealty while doing a good meal planning and make lunch with your hands is better, because you know exactly what there is inside and using creative, choosing seasonal and local products I'm sure your colleagues will became seriously envy. Doing a rapid calculus buying lunch 5 times per week from €5 till €10 means a weekly cost from €25 until 50, annual cost from €1200 till 2400 (choosing cheap food) but doing this simple change you can save a good amount without changing a lot your habits, adding new more healty for you and your wallet.

DINNER AT HOME INSTEAD NIGHT OUT: For a person that hang out daily this could be very hard moment and I must to admit during my first period with budget I declined every kind of invite and my social life became = 0 ( I was repaying a little debt, but I'm completely debt free since September 2015) an this isn't very good, but isn't good waste money daily on food, so how I fixed weekly coffee dates I decided to have few dinner out but in local where I like everything (atmosphere, staff, food, bill) because is so good have a good social life also when you are saving and I am happy about is my simple life!!!

SIDE HUSTLE: If you have a regular 9-5 job maybe you have weekend free so if you are trying to save more, why don't look for side hustle income, for example I choose to dedicate most of my weekend from September until June to work in the cafe during week end, do daily dog sitting to a lovely ancient woman, these extra incomes permitted me to repay debt in few time, save more and more quickly, have an emergency fund, afford unexpected bills...if you read financial blogs you'll notice a lot of tips for side hustle...I'm looking for new side hustle into writing field and because cafe is closed until the middle of September I decided to try to cover weekly expenses with dog sitting income without touching savings...

Any savvy tips to share?


  1. Your blog is very interesting and full of useful info :)

    Stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

    1. Thanks glad to know tha tyou liked it!:D

  2. Nice pics!!


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