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This past week is been good but a little bit expensive because I had unexpected bills and some things to buy for mobile...

However I'm glad to kept the good habit to have real dates with friends, pool, dinner in our favourite cheap local, a day in the lake (today) and other day trip in the next weekends, before work inthe cafe re-start I have week end free and I'm enjoying my sort of staycation.

Today I am going to go into Bolsena's lake with my friend Dom, I'm prepared 2 sandwiches, took a bottle of water and 2 bananas, so the only thin gI must to buy is a coffee and an ice cream...but from monday I'll must to have a serious adjustment for my budget to save more and be frugal...but I'm not going to became an extreme cheapskate...

I've read a lot and I'm still doing but today in my lake day I've put into my bag a book that I like a lot So che ci sei (the Hook) and a diy magazine to find some ideas for baby sitting!

I'm planning a week end in the sea and I'm trying to convince also a couple of friend of mine becaus eI don't like a lot travel alone but if is necessary I do, another thing that I want to do is visit Bansky exibithion in Rome...

For this week I'm going to spend weeknights at home reading, adding  other exercises to my daily walking, write and send out snail mail, spend some hours in the pool near home, find time for myself and relax (10 minutes  daily without nothing to do except relaxing) and spend time with friends infront of a coffee,,,
My summer drinks: white wine with sliced peach, cold coffee crea, sangria!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:grocery shopping, devices fro mobile and tablet but I've broke the old so I needed to replace and food is essential
  • Today I feel NERVOUS towards money because: I still must to receive last realtor's check but this week is essential for my budget work, so I'd must to do budget with this money and without, I already know that I'll have big headache...when you must to pay nobody can wait while if you must to be paid you must to wait looong time is really stressful...
  • Money can't buy happiness one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: sleep late in the morning and had time to read my books is great time and have a mattress that works well is a pleasure for my back it is been a good investment on my healt!
  • I will consider this week a success if: I'll end a important project into writing field and have 2 real dates with friends...
  • Craving for: a weekend oout of town with friends and day trip in Rome

How is been your week?


  1. Sleeping in is a great "free" thing to do that really benefits your body and mind. Kudos for doing that!

    1. yes there is nothing that agood sleep cannot solve!!!


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