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I was walking an talking with a friend of mine that became vegans some years ago and I admitted that I admire her because also if I am turning vegetarian quiet slowly I still love cheese and fish ( and I am still eating them), but I am really interested about vegan lifestyle, so I am asking, researching, reading and taking notes about a lot of things...but being a woman I asked her: which is been the hardest part of  became vegan?...She replied: FIND nice clothes!

Honestly I've read the same thing from some vegan actress, so I decided to do a research to understand if now is a little bit more easy that in the past and I found interesting things!
I don't like Fur (real or fake) and also into H&M shop I tend to choose Conscious line (that is make with recycling job) but in the past years a lot of people turned vegan and also fashion (together other fields) opened eyes on new products...

Here my personal selection:

I am not that kind of woman that spends a lot of money on beauty products but when I do shopping I tend to choose for ecological product and now I discover this lovely site, yes they aren't cheap but hey also buy chanel pdocuts is cheap... and I am going to buy some birthday gifts for my lovely friend directly from here...EMANI

If you are searching for other infos about vegan lifestyle I am glad to say you that in Italy there is a RADIO completely vegan: RADIOVEG and if you are looking a nice idea for invest money why don't give a look HERE and choose your project?


  1. I switched to vegetarian four months ago and I'm really happy with the change. It was a slow transition that led to the "final" cut-off in March. I am looking into slowly consuming less and less dairy and I would love to eventually become vegetarian.

  2. For the moment I eat vegetarian more often is possible, I've tried some vegan cheese some was delicious other terrible, however I'm limiting a lot meat, fish and dairy...


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