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As I wrote also I love Real Estate and I'm sure It will be a never ending story because it is part of my DNA...However a friend of mine and me were talking during a journey in the pool near home about the fact that sometimes Banks do great mistakes...Let me explain It better...

Some months ago I was in the office controlling and writing some documents and I received a call from a nice girl that we call Gina (not her real name) was asking information for an apartment, so I did more questions about what she was looking for and I had the perfect house for her... we visited It a evening and she liked it so fixed a second appointment for the saturday morning (two days later the first visit) and this time she went with 2 friends and technicians well 2 hours later she was writing her first offer...we contracted with Gina and with homeowner and in the end we find a deal on €59000 for a tiny flat with giant terrace...

Gina needed a little mortage so ask in a bank, well she moved in Italy for love and our country "gifted" her with a double social number, so on first bank we received a big no...but Gina has a friend that works in another bank and 3 days before her birthday and she signed for a mortage, we waited and waited until June when she receive the lovely noticed that her mortage request was been accepted.... 

usually you choose a Notary, ask for available day and fix the day for the deed of sale, well not in this case, because a notary's colleagues called me for more documents and this means a lot of travel into Municipal archives, and considering that part of it fired isn't been so easy,but this is part of realtor job and in the end we had everything and fixed a date: 21st of July...

We met with homeowners, Gina, Notary and Us as realtors...Notary reads documents about apartment and then ask to me, my colleague and homeowner to hang out from the Room because he was going to read things about mortage...well...drum roll please...after 40 minutes notary hang out from the room and say that wasn't possible to do the deed of sale...Why? Because Gina asked for a mortage under 35 but she did It 3 days before her 36 birthday,but banks didn't notice until THAT DAY,  so with notary we find a new date 27 of July and we kept calm...

On 26th without any kind of notices, I sent a message to Gina asking if everything was confirmed for the day after...well at 4p.m we were still unsure because bank didn't say nothing until 6.10pm asking to wait the morning after for last confirm
Seriously we started to be worried she already handed over a check of 4000 to homeowners, homeowners cancelled rental contract of the apartment and we waited, luckily we received a good news...Let me say that me and my colleague were thinking to call the boss of the bank to say that this was second time that happened something similar...To Err is huma, but persevere is diabolic....

Luckily this time 27th of july at lunch time into the Notary's office everything went good, no more problems, mortage right (with a 0,25% more but considering low interests of this period is still a great deal) and we build a new friendship...But seriously when you found your perfect house and you need a mortage, realtor help's is welcome and the secret is keep the calm....

But honestly also with this long and problematic sale I love and I will continue to love Real estate:D


  1. Non bisogna mai darsi per vinti, soprattutto quando il traguardo è la casa dei propri sogni!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Concordo ma te prova ad immaginare s eil giorno dell'atto scopri che il mutuo deliberato non va bene perchè sei più vecchia di quello alla fine si è risolto tutto bene e Gina (*) ha iniziato i lavori di ristrutturazione...tutto bene ciò che finisce bene

  2. It seems like a lot can go wrong in real estate! But yes, staying calm seems to be key.

    1. In this case bank did mistake but luckily and keeping calm with the help of notary everything went well and I'm proud to found a good flat for Gina, she is a lovely woman!!! Keep calm is always a good idea!!!

  3. Great post! Your blog is wonderful! :)

    Julia xx |


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