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I was drinking a coffee with one of my male friend and we were talking about his dates with girls in the past months, we talked about how was hard for him start again the date play after he broke with his girlfriend of 3 I asked to tell me more about these terrible dates and honestly I've laughed a lot... However when he asked what I like on first date I've thought and the I've said my personal list...
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  • SHOWER AND DEODORANT-seriously also if you worked all day this isn't good excuse to don't do a shower before the date, then also if advertising says that your deodorant last for 72 hours this doesn't means that you can forget thing is a men that smell like a men, different speech smell like a football team
  • WEAR CLEAN CLOTHES: Seriously why you must to arrive on first day with big hole in your shirts or jeans (I'm not a big fan of them in general), I'm quiet sure that inside every male closet there is a pair of good jeans and clean without holes/spots on t-shirt and please wear these clothes AFTER the shower is quiet easy understand why:P
  • CHOOSE A LOCAL THAT YOU KNOW on first date is better opt for something that is familiar and  a place where you feel comfty, plus is better if is possible to have a decent conversation , I can say that I still remember bad first dates in local where you cannot talk for music too loud
  • MAN WOULD PAY THE BILL so opt for a local that you know well is familiar and you can really afford, if is girl to choose and she opted for expensive local opt for share something and be honest, I ust to admit sometimes I prefer pay for both (when I am unsure if I want a second date), but yes is preferable that men pay first time...however it depends
  • HONEST TALKS: this doesn't means that you must to talk about your ex for the entire date, everyone of us has an ex but is better to stay in silence about it, at least at the beginning, don't became MR right saying that you like the same things if isn't true, believe me is better to know from the beginning that your idea of sport is using remote control of tv on Sunday, but is a lot better to find something to do together (maybe finding a good deal for a second date)
  • DON'T TRY TO HAVE SEX at first date, come on you would like to know her better and this doesn't means she will be the mother of your kids, but if you are looking for sex only there are a lot of apps on web...DATES is a different story
  • SEND A MESSAGE AFTER THE DATE, if you are going to have another date ask ASAP and don't worry you'll don't lose points in masculinity showing your interest, but please don't became a stalker (this applies also for women)
I don't know if are been my tips but last date of my friend went better, he opted for his favorite cafe, she was nice and they discovered some interest in common and they are going to have another date soon (third date attending a wine courseto be exact) and I'm really happy for him because he is really honest...

What you like/dislike about first dates?


  1. Really great list! Honestly I've been out of the dating scene for a while but I think people should approach a first date with an open mind. Too many people have a narrow view going into the first date and aren't open to someone who falls outside of their pre-defined "perfect" person.

  2. Yes, a lot of people go on first day already imagining and planning an entire life BEFORE to know someone and then put a mask, be honest and open is always the best choice-at least for me!!!

  3. Very lovely! This is such an amazing post!

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    1. Thsnks glad to know that you like it!!!


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