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Schools are almost closed and this means that most parents are looking for activities to do during the entire summer, a good deal is relax for an entire week and then start with summer camps, usually there is a giant choice for them and these camps will help kids to know and build new friendship...I can say I knew one of my best friend Francesco during a summer camps when I was 14 and he was 13 and we still are good friends also if we live quiet far ...

Summer camps are a good solution when you are a working parent, this means that you must to find great activities for weekends...but if you are a working parent or a family on a budget, which kind of activities you can do without being broke? A Lot.... here a small list of personal favorite activities to do with kids!
All pics are from google images
DAY TRIP WITH FAMILY-seems weird but most of time we don't know the place where we live, so could be good plan a day as tourist in your hometown and if there is sun in the sky you can use bike, it is a good quality moment for the entire family, maybe choosing free day museum days:P

TREASURE HUNT- your kids decided to invite their schoolmate for a nice afternoon, you must to be able to organize funny and interesting activities indoor or outdoor and treasure hint is always a good choiche.

DIY - ok sometimes rains and so you must to stay at home but you don't want that tv became the official nanny of your kids so use fantasy and create a lot of artistic projects like: greeting cards, gift paper, paints, collage, t-shirts and more, web can help to find inspiration... but is true the journey will end with a bath!!!

BOOK READING-I am an avid reader since childhood but I noticed that kids like to listen a book when someone does funny my hometown library offers this kind of activity once per week

GARDENING-if you are so lucky to have a garden, believe me kids will love take care of it, cleaning, plant flowers, see progress they will spend quiet amount of time here , same story for parks, kids could spend entire journeys here.

COOKING- I never met a kid that dislike to cook, so opt for easy recipes to make together like cookies, sandwiches, salads, fruit salads and they eat every single things because they've done it, this is a good way also to start to tech them how to eat well...

WALKING-is good walk together so you can spend time talking about journey, week, future plans and you do gym at the same time

I discover that my hometown offers great free events during the entire year but the most interesting are during summer and they are almost all free or absolutely low cost, so being informed about events in your hometown!!!


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