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I've read Calendar girl book, volume one, as I wrote some post ago I hadn't read a single word from 50th shades of grey but I am been really critic so many friends said that I wasn't able to judge something without having read or watched I looked the cover of the book and I like it, but I've taught that was only one book, instead I discovered that books are 4.

However Calendar girl was in my list of July's readings and  consider that I've already read all books for June adding one more I decided to start It as my first reading...

I began the book thinking a lot of things, asking a lot of things to myself but after first chapter I'm already into the story and I asked to myself and also to my friends: if your dad needed 1000000 of dollars to stay alive and the only way is became a Luxury Escort would you do? Honestly I don't know If I'd be able to became an escort but I know that I'll try to save my family in every way.

I must to confess, I devoured the book in 3 days, at the beginning I had a lot of prejudices about the book... now I'm waiting for second book (that will be into Italian bookstores from 5th of July), I must to admit that I am been really embarassed in some moments of reading because is true the book is full of sex, but together there is a research/finding new form of love... So who has already read the entire story, please don't tell me the final because I'm hoping and cheering for one of the protagonists/heroes of the book.


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As I wrote some post ago first time I saw Olivia Palermo into "the city show" I found her nasty and posh but I always admitted that I loved (and I still like a lot) her outfits because she was ans still is always perfect... so if you have just received a phone call for job interview see her outfit searching inspiration (web will help you to find low cost similar clothes but on your budget so bankruptcy isn't an option)...

The other woman that I admire for her style is italian curvy model Elisa D'ospina, she is really beautiful woman and her outfits are perfect, because if you are curvy sometimes isn't so easy to find right outfit for you...

One thing that you must to do during job interview is smile, have a good voice (not too high/low volume/tone), not too much make up, clean hair and I suggest to study the agency so you'll be prepared on questions about their business and wear clean clothes, I can  remember that time that a friend of mine wore her favorite wh…