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Past week is been busy as usual, I’ve read during nights and I’m taing notes and use some tips from one of the books I’ve bought for my work… I don’t know if is because journeys are becaming longer but seems that my planner is a lot busier than December…During this past week I went to dietician and I’ve spent a good amount of money for diet but honestly sometimes a little help and some money can be consider a good investment on healt!

So Considering that for the next 2 months me an my loved cheese and dairy foods needs to stay far from each other I’musung this las days without diet to eat them…However I already bought all foods I can and must to eat without brewaking rules and avoid determinate foods ao I will stay away from cafes and other locals, probably my social life will be slower but I’m going to prepare and bring food directly from home…if you ae interesting to know which diet I will start on Monday 7th March visit Gianluca Mech site.

I’m reading before go to sleep and when there are interesting movies in tv I watch them with my family, but in the last weeks I’ve spent nights reading or working or studying for my work, because in my personal opinion be an informed person give you a chanches  to attire more your potential clients!!!

Well consiering the cost of this diet I need to be a lot frugal in the next months, if someone watched Million Dollar property La and thinks that agents are alls rich, well this is a lie, behind a big commission there is a big/long work and price between my hometown and LA are a lot different:P however I hope a day to receive a similar commission:D

I received a lovely snail mail from my friend noemi and I’ve send out a letter to her, but I must to say that I must to send out also another snail mail in the next week to my friend Natalya, I must to write last updates and during week I will send her a looong letter, also if emails are faster there is something special into send and receive old fashion snail mail, aren’t you agree?

  • The most i've spent this past week was on: Tisanoreica's food, I've spent €247,48 so I am going to be well organize and respect strictly diet avoiding temptation (new post about my diet is coming soon)
  • Today I feel NERVOUS towards money because: also if I am into frugla mood Ive spent a lot in the past weeks but having a working budget and hoping to find a new side hustle for extra income, because if some commission don't arrive soon I will must to use some money from emergy fund and I am not so happy about this idea...but with a new side hustle could be easy don't touch it!
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: receive snail mail from my friend Noemi and sleep a little bit more than usual, my body needed it
  • I will consider this week a success if I: will do more gym and use bike more. I am going to walk more, use youtube for extra gym and I am hoping in the sun for use bike in the morning, this will help also my finances:P
  • Goal for the week: Be focused on personal and professional goals!


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