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I’m a woman and almost every woman in this universe I love spend time into fashion shops and I’m interested into fashion field, however being curvy sometimes isn’t so easy find perfect cloche, so I decided to follow a rigid diet Tisanoreica for the next 42 days and about cloche I tend to wear weekly uniform, I’m going to don’t buy new cloche for at least a couple of months…

Yes decision about don’t buy is also because eI’m trying to be more frugal than last year.So I'm trying to create a sort of capsule wardrobe for every season...

What there is inside my wardrobe?

JEANS: I have two black pair skinny and bootcut that are part of my uniform usually perfect combo is jeans sneacker or uggs and sweater, I’m lucky to work ina office where jeans is permitted:P

SHIRTS: from my work in the café I have 3 or 4 white tshirts other some colorful shirts and ¾ tank top to mix together or wear one per time and I try to do a declutter into my wardrobe every 4 months because  I n oticed that I tend to wear same outfit.

Winter dress-I’ve bought one from H&M for €15 and I used it several times in several and different occasion so money well spent!

Leggings- I have 2 pair long and black perfect under long sweaters, dresses and I have midlenght perfect fro late spring!!! In my personal opinion every curvy woman would must to have a pair of leggings inside wardrobe!!!

MAKE UP: Some years ago I wasbuying a lot of beauty products without touching them, now I have my routine that means: good facial cream black mascara and lipbalm but I’ve bought also a dark pink lipstick…naturally chic!!!

SHOES_ I’m still looking for perfect pair of flat boots but with my curvy legs isn’t so easy so I decided to stop this research and use shoes I already have: 2 pair of gyms shoes (one sporty, one elegant),one pair of TOMs and a par of grey uggs!!!

Do you have a daily uniform?


  1. Leggins e scarpe da ginnastica sono sempre un'ottima soluzione quando si è indecise :-)

    The Princess Vanilla

    1. Assolutamente si, nell'indecisone i leggings aiutano sempre!!!

  2. io sono una malata di leggins compro solo e soltanto nere

    1. anche io solo neri, poi in negozio mi piacciono anche i modelli colorati ma alla fine il nero s mescola perfettamente alle mie gambe e al mio guardaroba!!!


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