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If you are on a budget, you know how savings are important, but if you are similar to me you aren’t going to became a Extreme cheap skater….
So I was reading an interesting aricle about How to save 9000 in a year, and also if tips and suggestions are great, some aren’t so good for me…

CAR- If you have a car you know that it could became very EXPENSIVE, infact the average cost of a car is €600-700 per month, SO if you would decide to eliminate car from your life is savvy but working as realtor for me this is an option!

Car Insurance- ok car is expensive but also insurances are quiet expensive, I’ve paid my semestral bill on 10th of December, so next time I  will must to pay insurance I will use web, web is a great source of great deals!
CAR sharing-this is very helpful for finance infact with car sharing you can save €700 in a year, but as I said I work as realtor and car is essential so this isn’t good deal for me in this time! But some mornings without appoitments with clients I'm going to use bike so this will add some gym to my daily routine:P

Internet & Mobile- mobile and internet could be very expensive but thanks to Web and all inclusive options you can find good deals, infact I pay a monthly amount for my mobile and I have 250 minutes + 250  sms and web and believe or not I’m not able to finish all minutes I have but I pay  a low bills and I am very happy about it.

Lunch box- Buy lunch is worst habit ever while using fantasy, creativity,spending some minutes more the night ahead you can prepare delicious meal savings money, infact bringing lunch from home permit to save €1600, there are most people that love meeting in front of happy hour and drinks can be expensive but some locals offer low cost happy hours …In my personal case 've spent more than €200 for weekly dietetic meals but this means that also if I have appointment for lunch/dinner I'll bring my food from home and this will be savvy...

GROCERY STORES- i must to admit that it is a controversial topic because for some categories is better buy in bulk (toothpaste, toilet paper) for other is not so good (perishable food) About not perishable items is better buy it in bulk so you save fuel nd trips to/from the store about food buy essential almost daily choosing seasonal and local products when is possible

DIY Try to make something directly with your hands: vinegar, handmade soaps you will spend energy but no money because you will use items you already hav ein your house...

Which are your savvy tips?


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