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This past week isn’t been so good on work side, I received an offer for a rent we did 3 visit for this house with client and I’ve said him that there were others clients and agency in the end he wrote his offer and to do…homeowners said no because that apartment needed to a relative….so bye bye commission…so it means that this week I must to be a lot more frugal than usual…but I must to say that in this past week my sort of shopping ban is been a failure infact I’ve bought 3 new books, also if I have 2 full bags of book sto try to sell into thrifty store…I’ve bought sweets to French patisserie, but it doesn’t count a lot because was a birthday gift in late….

Then another negative moment is been night movie with my friend Dom we watched PErfetti sconosciuti “Perfect Unknow” and after the end we started to say our opion and he wasn’t agree with my idea…for me isn’t normal have 2 or more relations at the same time, while he said that is normal to be horney…honestly I’m really tired that most people want to change my idea…I accept and respect your ideas always maybe I can say that I have a different point of view and stop, but I respect you always…others don’t do the same and I said clearly about two people that do this always that I am a lot tired about this thing and so boths disappeared without knowing reason… Sometimes is better spend time alone!!!

I used car and I still must use bike in the morning, then I did a lot od dog sitting during my lunch break and now I am trying to spend more time out from office, I’m trying to eat healty also when I am working in the café…for example this week end I worked in the café and this extra income will go directly into savings…I’m still looking for new side hustle job into writing field…

I'm planning a nice holiday in Europe for next Spring/summer but it will must to be extremely low cost because my finances aren't so good, they aren't bad but not so healty as I hoped and last emotional shoping didn't help!

For this week I'm going to be positive, have 10 minutes daily only for myself, also doing absolutely nothing but time for breathing, walking, reading and do whatever keep me calm.

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:books, I've bought 3 books and I loving every single words of these books, then I still have 2 bags to try to sell to thrifty store but I haven't time yet to go here, hopefully this week I'll find some time
  • Today I feel OK towards money because: Also if I had emotional shopping this week my finances aren't been damaged but I need to be more organized and try to avoid determinated shopping during very emotional moment....
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: wake up without alarm clock I notice that I don't sleep until late morning but also a hour more cand do great difference for that day
  • I will consider this week a success if :I will end one of 3 books and do a review of them,plus I am waiting for a answer for another side porject into writing field
  • Best moment of the day: my first coffee in the morning at home, seriously it has a different taste from second, third,....first coffee of the day is magic:P
How is been your week?


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