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It’s official today is the first day of a new year, most  f us are still sleeping aster New year Eve and New year parties, so hopefully you will not have big headaches for too much drinks :P

As usual I set some short-mid-long term goals for myself, some into professional side, other into private side, one big resolution is that I’m going to say yes to several opportunities, maybe before I said no only because I was afraid to fail, but is normal to be imperfect…but this year I’m going to try most new things without to be worried about failure….I've already started to use my new organizer planner for 2016 and inside I wrote my favorite phrase: "If you can dream it, you can do it" by Walt Disney

I’ve set a long list of goals for this 2016 and probably I’ll add and eliminate or adjust some during the year, here some of them:
my new organizer planner for 2016 that I gifted to myself from September 2015 and I was craving to use it

  • use bike at least two times per week: from 16th of January there will be a stop for old car on monday and tuesday,  so on that days I'm going to use bike in the morning and bus in the afternoon, this will help to lower my weekly cost of fuel
  • Stop eating junk food: and I'm going to try to follow a vegetarian diet with a day per week completely vegan. Yes I still like chicken and fish but I'm going to try to eat them less is possible.
  • Evaluate relationships: I'm going to keep my good old habit to have a weekly real "date" with friends, we communicate and stay connected always by emails, facebook, what'sup & co, but nothing is better to spend real time together, also doing nothing
  • Declutter: I've started in June 2015 with my books and probably I'll do a second round into my personal library,
  • Shop directly from your closet: I'm going to don't buy new things until the end of January, is admitted shop only items th<t already are into my approved shopping list (usually an item replace an old one),
    plus I'm going to declutter my wardrobe creating a capsule collection for every season using items I already have
  • Side hustle: since I have decided to have a budget I understood the importance of it and the importance to have a cushion for rainy days, so I discover what exactly side hustle was and I'm going to work harder on my side hustles (dog sitting and work in the cafe)
  • Use library more often, talking with a colleague of mine in the real estate that loves books as me, I discovered that public library finally offers a good section with new book, ok maybe they don't available the same day that you can find into bookstore, you must to wait a month but there is a section for new books Finally, this means that before to buy new books I can use library and see if I like or not, free readings means spend less on bookstore
  • Set financial goals, set a budget and stay organized with all financial documents, so when taxes season arrives you will be already prepared, one of my most important financial goals for 2015 was became debt free, and I'm debt free, so now I can be seriously more focused on saving for deposit for a house, yes I would like to buy a home in the next 2-4years, but is essential save for it and also for retirement, since January 2016 I'm going to try to cover my weekly expenses with a tiny budget (new post is coming soon)
  • set short-mid-long term goals into real estate work and work hard to achieve them:D
  • Plan a trip: well being a traveling lover on a budget I am traveling less but in 2016 I'm going to have at least one day trip each month, try new things and also new locals if I must to have a sort of stay cation


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