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This past week is been terrible, full of bad moments but hei I'm still alive and I passed it so it seems a good point to start, some time ago together the good habit to have a real meeting with friends once per week I took the best decision ever for my mind: find daily at least one reason to smile, to say thanks and be positive... this is why I see or try to see glass always half full!!!

I used my saturday afternoon to relax a little bit and I started declutter into my books collections and I already choose more than 30 titles to try to sell into thrifty store, I'm keeping only book that I love read millions times and still find them amazing... on next week I'll receive last book I've ordered, it is romance story between a girl that eat everything and a man that is vegan...title, story seemed so nice that I ordered it. hoping to be happy in the end. Apart cookbooks romance I've bought in the past months are been a delusion!I'm going to have a serious declutter into my room and I already know that it will be a very long and hard process, but I know that in the end I will be more happy.

I'm going to try to start my frugal experiment from monday 1st of February, so I'm going to use last day of January doing some necessary shopping: I've just bought online a new mattress, yes this means I am going to spend money but considering that the one I had until today gave me back pain this is an investment for my the afternoon I'm going to have shoes repairs, I am not going to buy new but I am going to repair that I already have because they are still useful for loooong time. 

In the past week and for the next 3 I am sure I'll not be able to have my weekly date with friends, but I decided to treat myself every saturday morning with breakfast in the cafe-pizzeria where my friend Claudia works, so we can talk a little bit before work and usually I am in good mood to start work:p

Who said tha tis necessary to spend a lot of money to have fun, I was reading this list of Tiny buddha and I'm sure you'll find a good way to have fun without spend a cent.

One free thing that could be useful for my healt could be use bike more often and also if I was going to use bike at least twice per week I didn't use it once, laziness won together with rain and cold temperature but I am going to have a weekly morning program and follow it strictly.

I watched for second or third time Eat,pray, Love movie with Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, it is a nice movie but i prefer the original version, the book. But there is something that I want to share with you, in the movie Julia Roberts asks to her old and new friends a help for her divorced woman with daughter...I watched a lovely video about how Animal Aid helped and donated a new life to a dog.... I am always more convinced that vegetarians and vegans did right choiche, I am trying to became vegetarian and then vegan but I know it will be a long process...
However watch this video and then try to donate something, $25 are less than a coffee in the cafe daily.

Small steps big changes, if everyone of us do something for someone other is call kindness act and It is very very good, kindness is always a good choiche!!!

I have several things lanned for this new week but also if I am going to be more frugal, I am going to donate more, I'm really lucky and rich so is possible to help more.

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: bus tickets for the entire week, fuel, car review, and shipping cost for packages for two friends of mine, but the most splurge is been on mattress, investment on my healt.
  • Today I feel ahem towards money because: I am saving but I still must to spend some money on mattress and on shoes repairs, plus I am still looking for perfect pair of boots, so seems that every time I saved a little bit more then BAM unexpected bill arrive and I must restart my saving program
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spend time alone at home reading, listening music, watching tv, doing everything I wanted only fo myself
  • I will consider this week a success if I: will go in the thrifty store and bike at least once in the morning
  • goal of the week: RELAX, seriusly I need to be a little bit more relaxed!!!
What about you?


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