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It's January and DISCOUNT SALES are began, I'm totally in love with several things, but for the moment I am focused on the researchof perfect pair of boots for me, I'm curvy and my legs are not so slim so usually I have serious problem with zipper bust so I tend to find some boots that are elastic or have elastic band, being curvy isn't so easy find the perfect pair!

Inside H&M I found several amazing items, the fact that they have affordable prices means that is very easy overspend so is better plan and set a budget, plus use only cash and left card at home. No more money no more shopping!!!

I'm in love for dresses and jumpsuit, I've decided to buy one for a wedding of a friend planned for this February, but on September he has a on/off relation so wedding is in standby and I haven't good excuse to buy a new lovely winter dress, but I already have a good one for Spring....another friend of mine is engaged and getting married!!!

This morning I've read an article about 34 things that are almost lost, well I'm glad to say that I still do half of the list:P

HAve you some plan for shopping during discount sales?


  1. Che bella selezione!
    Guardandola, viene voglia di spendere e spandere senza limiti, complici i saldi :-)
    Io ieri ho già fatto un primo giro, oggi penso di replicare!!

    The Princess Vanilla

  2. Per ora ho coprato solo un piccolo anellino dorato da stroili oro a 9,90 per il resto sto guardando e segnadno tutto quello chem i piace, poi vedo se nel mio armasio ho pezzi simili per ricreare il look e fortunatamente ancora non è arrivato lo stipendio, quindi window shopping ma sto decidendo su quali capi investire:P


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