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This pas week is been busy and expensive as usual but finally on Saturday I ended my Christmas shopping, yu-hu! During my lunch break I am doing some dog sitting and the extra cash from this side hustle covers my weekly cost of fuel and café, so I don’t need to do giant withdrawals from my savings. Turning back to my Christmas gifts I’ve bought some little present for my parents and my friend Claudia from EDEN CREAZIONI, she is a very talented woman that does it for work and she is girlfriend of a colleague of real estate agency…honestly I feel myself very lucky to know these talented women!

My friend Dom that is working in Sofia and now is going to Lisbon for work, is spending his Christmas holidays in Terni and we had several coffee dates, I love have them with friends, because they aren’t expensive and permit real conversations….yes the fact that I am a coffee lover and my friends too is a good benefit :P

Winter will enter officially on 21st of January but temperatures are so cold that I love stay at home in the nights, I am never been a night owl, but during December I love return at home after work, and wear my pajamas, read good book and/or magazines, listen music and watch some movies on TV …ok I know it seems quiet boring, but the evening at home is moment for myself and reading is fuel fro my brain…plus in this period I am really focused on some important writing projects and I already started to set short-mid-long term goals (personal and professional)… 

One thing is sure, I’m going to be more frugal this 2016 because now that I’m debt free I’m going to save more and have cushion for rainy days is been very important for me, is never too late to change bad shopping habits!

What I’m going to do this week? Christmas gifts swap with colleagues and some friends, still unsure about Christmas dinner with colleagues, work till 23rd and then sleep more during days completely off from any kinds of work, spend an evening with a group of friends doing ice skating, I’m going to do my calligraphy exercises, read some of my books  (I still have a good amount to read), spend quality time with family…

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:Christmas shopping, finally I ended it with a late of 20 days, I planned to buy them for the end of november but I am been so busy that I've bought few gifts each time I had some free time...I like buy local and help young talented women:P
  • Today I feel NORMAL towards money because: is been another expensive week but with dog sitting I covered and Ia m going to cover weekly cost for fuel in the next weeks, I'm going to do frugal experiment.
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing that I did last week that make me happy was: see how the lovely dog became after few months in a real house with real food, real cuddles ad good company of other dog (a new post is coming to explaint he entire story)
  • I will consider this week a success if: I will able to sleep a little bit more during free days, write gift tags and start declutter inside my second desk
  • Book of the week: CASALINGHITUDINE, a book of recipes with real stories so it seems that you are inside the story imagining scenarios
What about your week?


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