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This past week is been extremely busy, but also if on Sunday night I was having muscle’s pain, but work in the café gave me pocket money to cover almost all car insurance rate, this means I can do minor withdrawal from my bank account…

I had great time with friends and colleagues and with clients that I know since 3-4 years , during all the week and especially during this past week end, during this week I want to try to be less frugal than past week, I already planned some amount for Christmas gift but apart this I’m going to spend a determinate amount for the entire week, covering fuel, bus ticket, coffees, magazines…

I’ve just ended to read one of my long list of books for this month and I was going to start a new one yesterday night but I was so tired that I fall asleep some minutes later my head touched cushion :P

I’m working on some important corner projects and I’m waiting for a couple of important answers…plus I’m working on financial goals and I decided to have another frugal week where I can spend a max of €40 for the entire week, in this amount isn’t included the cost of one Christmas gift that that isn’t part of this budget…then I’m going to have a serious declutter into my closet, donating most of clothes I’m not wearing and I ‘m going to do shopping directly from my closet until 31 of January, I was thinking to buy a new pair of gym shoes and winter pants, in the end I decided that I will buy only a new pair of winter pants, because I have only one…

My list of things to do is becaming really longer, luckily during this week I will have a couple of free days so I can delete some voices from the list:P 

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: new mobile, my blackberry died so I needed to replace it, I've bought a samsung s4 mini from my boss into real estate for €80, this mobile isn't been used once.
  • Today I feel OK towards money because: I'm going to pay my car insurance and I'm going to pay it with the side hustle income from the cafe
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: great talks with a client of cafe and we plan a dinner next time there will be a tennis-table competition in my hometown
  • I will consider this week a success if : I will start to do a very important thing- Christmas gift wrapping
  • Best money I've spent this past week: €13 for mini patisserie with colleagues, a treat for the week and a moment only for laughs:)


  1. I need to go Christmas shopping, too! This time of year is always so crazy, but it's great that you have a plan to manage it all!

    1. Yes I am glad too also if I still have two gifts to do (for my parents),I like search gifts with relaxed mood...I try to manage it well, also if I try to have all Christmas gifts done for the end of November!

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