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This past week is been cold and infact I had nasty cold mixed with voice’s problem but now seem solved… I continued to work hard to build my portfolio into real estate agency and also if I have “only” 10 properties in my personal list I’m happy of it because collegues have more than 200 properties each but there are working from more years than me!!! However I’m happy about my choice to turn into real estate world, maybe the bad part is finds a parking in the morning… but for the rest I like it a lot and everyday I learn something new…

I’m still working on having a good budget, also if I had good budget in the fast months but every time I  changed works I needed some times to understand which was best budget for myself… I know that budget is very important when you have financial goals to achieve but seriously I still hate my weekly budgeting day, my paper is full of cancellations, corrections, draws, calculus, a  complete messy, than usually then I write again in  another paper but this time paper is well wrote, but in this moment I’m still working on some areas where I would like to decrease expenses..headaches are coming soon!!!

During this past week I had flue so I had a day off from work and I slept a lot, my body needed and when I have flue I always want to sleep a lot, however between work and flue the only moment I saw my friend for real is been: having breakfast in the café where she works…I’m still reading my books and I would like a lot go to cinema to watch last movie with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro… a collegue of mine just watched it and said that is very nice movie!

I had my 2 hours walking but only twice this past week and I am quiet sure that I’ll haven’t this week, I had other plan that include some “Desperate housewife” moments,…however I am still planning some monthly goals to achieve into work and in personal life…baby steps giants results!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: unexpected bill, but luciily good budget I had enough money to cover it, plus normal expenses like Fuel
  • Today I feel AEHM towards money because :also if I had enough money to cover unexpected bill I am waiting for an important payment, plus I am considering other side hustle until work in the cafe restart, so some days are a littel bit more stressful than others
  • Money can't buy happiness One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: talk with my friend before work drinking a good cup of cappuccino and smile from morning
  • I will consider this week a success if I: wil keep calm all the week also I know I will have more moments like a "mad desperate housewife"
  • treat of the month: hot tea and spiced cookies (thanks Lidl)


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As I wrote some post ago first time I saw Olivia Palermo into "the city show" I found her nasty and posh but I always admitted that I loved (and I still like a lot) her outfits because she was ans still is always perfect... so if you have just received a phone call for job interview see her outfit searching inspiration (web will help you to find low cost similar clothes but on your budget so bankruptcy isn't an option)...

The other woman that I admire for her style is italian curvy model Elisa D'ospina, she is really beautiful woman and her outfits are perfect, because if you are curvy sometimes isn't so easy to find right outfit for you...

One thing that you must to do during job interview is smile, have a good voice (not too high/low volume/tone), not too much make up, clean hair and I suggest to study the agency so you'll be prepared on questions about their business and wear clean clothes, I can  remember that time that a friend of mine wore her favorite wh…


Qest'anno ho deciso di guardarlo ma arrivo ad un certo punto ed il sonno vince però con rai replay vedo quello che mi sono persa e in alcuni casi devo dire meno male...
Iniziamo a parlare del look di Carlo Conti e la scelta migliore rispetto alla prima sera, oddio qualunque giacca scura sarebbe stata meglio di quella "da vecchio" della prima sera....comunque si inizia con le nuove proposte e lo devo dire ho una profonda invidia per i capelli di Marianne Mirage, che ha scelto un look molto bello ed elegante, la canzone è anche molto bella e secondo me avrà successo (e prima l'hanno passata in radio un paio di volte), Francesco Guasti e ok lo devo dire io ho un debole per gli uomini con la barbetta ma qui si esagera però il look non mi dispiace per niente e la mi è piaciuta, gran bel timbro vocale il ragazzo, il terzo ad esibirsi è Braschi, giovane carino con la faccia da bravo ragazzo, canzone carina ed orecchiabile ma se devo dire se mi è piaciuta o meno,…