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Until 2012 I was quiet good as spender but a totally dumb into savings and I am sure I didn't knew the importance of budget yet, then I started to think about my future and started to looking for side hustles, new job for extra money, learn budget and how it works, having shopping ban period and now I can say that I'm more conscious spender

If you are thinking about to start to have a budget, I think these will be steps thet every financial blogger would suggest you

WRITE IT DOWN- you need to write debt goals everything and traking your daily expenses when you write everything and then control you'll be schocked about how much you spend on take away coffee or other stuff
DETERMINE YOUR INCOME if you have unstable salary do a calculus about average monthly earnings, if you are in a copule and you share the budget you need to be honest with your partner always, you need to add every income you receive
PAY YOURSELF FIRST I decided to have a sort of cash diet because I am more conscious on my spending when I see material money hang out from wallet, however I am not shopping ban type but I am good as budget planer so every month I have a little amount of money to spend for myself only
REVIEW & BALANCE-this is been and still is moment of hadaches, I try to have a budgeting day once per week to see review, balance, re adjust some areas
REPEAT IT EACH MONTH- if budget works you saved a portion of money that went directly into your savings, isn't been so hard

Another thing is that isn't too soon to try to teach sense of money to kids, they're smarter than we thought but they need to have rules, when I worked as nanny sometimes I paid her snack but in other areas I remember that my phrase was "we have X money you can do this or this what do you want to do?"

Since September I am working in real estate agency and this means use car more often, fuel costs more, I have less free time so I am working again on budget because I want to achieve some very important financial goals, so this is what I decided to do

  • no take away coffee alone
  • a little reward to myself monthly 
  • keeping personal budget under a determinated amount
  • keep to meet friends for real at least once per week
  • attend free events in town 
  • diy more often is possible
I was reading a nice post on Broke in the big smoke blog, and there is been a nice article about to live for a week with £10, maybe Could I do the same?


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