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Today is 20th of September, this means that tomorrow Fall will arrive, ok I must to confess that I am watching a lot of nice fall clothes into shops and magazines, plus I am drinking hot tea in the evening at home, it's healty and is a good habit that I share with my mother almost every night...mum-daughter moment! 
however I can say that I had a good summer full of laughs and good moments...

This was a summer of:

  • READING:  I am an avid reader and I've bought so many books but now I am trying to read all that I've ought before buy a new one, but I must to say that I already wrote a list of books I'm going to read, unluckily Publi library cannot help me, in my hometown it doesn't offer NEW ROMANCE...I loved Mr Wallbanger and its sequel, The wedding Season, now I'm reading The knockoff/Techbitch and it's nice...and I have a little confession I've started to write a book about realtor's work as a sort of diary (hopefully this time I will not have the block of writer)
  • YOUTUBE VIDEOS: I discovered nice vloggers like GazelleIntents that have nice video and help me to improve my english, plus when I need to be very focused on something I put my headphone set put my favorite musical videos on and I keep myself really concentrated on that determinated work
  • SWIMMING POOL: Luckily I have one near home that has hourly pay you pay a deposit, and its cost is € for first hour, 1 for the following and it is so relazing, considering the hot summer I used most of my free time staying here or in the Blsena's lake with my parents...the fact that my max tan color is caramel is another story:P
  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS: ok I try to keep the good habit to meet my friends for real at least once per week, but this summer is been very good I had great night's for girls only followed by afternoon at lake with parents...good quality time
  • LAZYNESS- is been so good that period without alarm clock where I was the boss of myself and I decided tie scheduling, priorities keeping always concentrate myself on every work projects I had. but some days or some hours free from everything were been so good!!!
  • HEALTY FOOD- ok apart some incursion into potato bag chips I ate a lot of veggies and fruit, but this year  fruit is been amazing, sweet and perfect while last summer isn't been so good (has rained until the end of July) 
how is been your summer?


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