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This past week is been exhausting and great at the same time, I am walking almost 2 hours daily from Monday till Friday, yep I’m still into trial period in real estate agency but I love my job plus collegues are nice and funny, however I am walking so much and doing so many exercise that usually I go to sleep before 11 pm, I know it sounds like ancient lady but I am feeling good I wake up before 7.30 am every morning (apart Sunday) so never mind I will keep my walking routine…. I still have 3 day pass for gym but I still unused it…

However during this past week sky is been grey quiet often so I waited for first day of sun and used my bike, an amazing thnig that I didn’t once during summer but,  I’m going to use it a little bit more often during sunny and warm autumnal days,  during this summer I ate a lot of veggies and fruit so I’m trying to keep a good and healty diet plus I’m trying to lose some pounds….so having at least one free meat day per week helps a lot planet and also our healt!!!

This past week I received some bills and some lovely Bonprix catalogues, I’m already in love with some clothes, but until the end of October apart some items that are into approved shopping list, I will do shopping directly into my closet… 

I’m doing a good meal pleannig for the next week, choosing local and only seasonal (it helps a lot your finance keeping under control your budget), some errands, having a post office near real estate agency I will use early Saturday morning to pay bills, or other midweek early mornings, because from October I will start again to work in the café during weekend (side hustle is absolutely necessary now)….

I’ve understood that I am not a shopping ban type I’m a lot better as budget planner so I’m deciding which areas needs some decluttering…however yesterday arrived into bookstore the book I ordered Get the guy by Matthew Hussey so I’m reading it like a school’s text taking notes (post is coming soon)…

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: bus tickets because this past week my parents car was to the mechanic so I left them use mine, I used bus almost daily but from monday I will use car again
  • Today I feel NORMAL towards money because: I'm keeping expenses under control and into budget planned but I am craving for work int he cafe that means savings more quickly (October is near!!!)
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: go to work with bike during sunny morning, exercise for free, good sensation, do it again soon
  • I will consider this week a success if: I will keep myself focused o day job and on work side projects as these past weeks
  • The book I'm reading in this moment: to be honest are two TEchbitch and Get the guy


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