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This is been my first week into real estate agency and I must to say that I am really happy that my collegues are very nice and is possible spend entire afternoons between appointments…At beginning I was thinking that I needed to buy elegant clothes for office, well another great thing is that look is casua and this morning a collegue of mine was wearing sneakers and jeans…great news this means that a part items that already are into my approved shopping list I don’t need to buy nre items…I know I already call them collegues also if I still have some days of trial period….

I was thinking about to return into gym also if 4-5 times per week I walk a lot in the morning but I am studying new courses in the evening because I think gym could be a good investment for my healt…Because work into real estate agency is a work full time so I need to do more exercise…is something that my body is asking and is time to have buddy for gym…

However turning to my realtor work, in the morning what I do is called "zone's research, go into a determined place and ask door by door news about empty apartments, homes, and I discovered that ancients are the greatest chest full of informations, usually from them I can know all the story, owners, where thwey live, why they're selling... it is interesting but you need to walk a lot, there are mornings that you don't meet a lot of people or meet only wrong people...but the secret is be positive and keep your mind focused!!!

A lot of friend of mine are moving in foreign countries…while I am trying to build my career here!!! Another friend of mine has some days off from her work in the end of the month and was looking for a romantic escape with her boyfriend… I am quiet busy on work projects but I am going to keep work in the cafe during weekends  (side hustling) but I am already planning some little trips during free weekends…I am a little bit sorry for the fact that this year probably I will not be able to attend Lucca Comics event, I went last year with my friend Sammy and her boyfriend and it is been a great and funny time…rich of laughs...However I am going to have some relax this sunday spending it with my friends Claudia and Federica, grils group means great talks (if someone wants suggestion for a Sex and the city mixed Girls ideas we could be good writer;P)!!!


  1. Sounds like your life is pretty busy right now! I'm moving abroad too, so all the paperwork and stuff is killing me!

  2. ITALIAN BUROCRACY IS TERRIBLE but I am glad that I can say that I am busy with work...I'm finding work/social life balance but for the moment I am positive


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