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This past week is been quiet relaxing, I had some work to do  but I had time to spend in the swimming pool near home...honestly this summer is been so hot that pool is been the best this summer pool combined with my shorts gave me a lovely tan

I asked postcards from my friends that are going to go on holiday or are doing it, while I'm doing my sort of stay cation with ton of swimming pool, some day trips to lake with family and relax... butI must to say I am missing my office job...

My left knee is going better day by day but I felt old, I had also nice real "dates" with friends... laughing in person is really different from our conversation via whatsup or skype...:P

I've visited (finally) the lovely tiny house that was on sale, well it is nice but is really tiny and owners ask a price that is absolutely out of market...but I needed to visit it and ask them some informations so this house is eliminated from my list...

During this week I'm going to go to the pool, considering that september and pool closure is near and I am going to take the max I can from this summer's sun.... On September I need to go to my hairstylist for my hair colour, they need to be adomated a little bit, now if I don have pony tail my hair are a lot similar to lion's hair......I'm going to have a dinner with girls and watch a nice movie with them, Do you knw Minions' Seriously this year I am going to cinema to watch nice cartoons:P

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: swimming pool, for hot and sunny days spend great time here is been money very well spent
  • Today I feel OK towards money because I am keeping my budget weekly and maybe I will need to change it soon but for the moment it is working quiet well
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was spend quality time with friends and family, read before going to sleep and the most amazing thing wake up without alarm clock:D
  • I will consider this week a success if I will spend at least 2 days in the pool near home
  • Craving for my dinner with girls, we have always great time and if someone would like to have suggestion in style with Girls and Sex & the city, well we are perfect


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As I wrote some post ago first time I saw Olivia Palermo into "the city show" I found her nasty and posh but I always admitted that I loved (and I still like a lot) her outfits because she was ans still is always perfect... so if you have just received a phone call for job interview see her outfit searching inspiration (web will help you to find low cost similar clothes but on your budget so bankruptcy isn't an option)...

The other woman that I admire for her style is italian curvy model Elisa D'ospina, she is really beautiful woman and her outfits are perfect, because if you are curvy sometimes isn't so easy to find right outfit for you...

One thing that you must to do during job interview is smile, have a good voice (not too high/low volume/tone), not too much make up, clean hair and I suggest to study the agency so you'll be prepared on questions about their business and wear clean clothes, I can  remember that time that a friend of mine wore her favorite wh…