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This past week is been budy and good at the same time, because I worked a lot but I had the time toh ave my weekly real meeting with friends, and also a couple of hours in the pool near home. 
I like a lot this pool because you must to pay a deposit (€8) then first hour costs only €2 the following hours €1 plus  loungers and umbrella are already included into the deposit...this pool has this amazing deal for me and for workers that have only 1-2 hours for lunch break...

I was talking with a friend of mine about the fact that I was thinking to use bike instead car from beginning of summer, well I didn't use it once because I was so many things and hours to respect that car was best choiche of the moment, plus hot temperatures make me a little be afraid for healt issues related to sun...but now that I'm a little bit more free and relaxed I'm planning to use bike at least twice per week after 5 pm.

During this past week I've did my first mini makeover project also if I am still thinking about "how decorate it",  I've reorganized a little bit my room and second desk with a more organized DIY corner, during decluttering into my books collections I re-discovered a box full of books in english and also if I already knew for me is always a little bit schocking read that Heidi gre up, married with Peter and they have kids together...isn't change it is weird because in my mind Heidi is and will be always a kid.

I've just wrote list of things to do during this week, keeping to make my handmade coloring book, greeting cards , a lot of payments but I'm going to do everything and have at least one real meeting with friend...then I'm going to do some workout in the evening and hoping to convince some friend to be my gym buddy:P

  • The most I've spent this week was on; healty magazine annual subscription renew (€45,20), it is a magazine that also my mother reads so it is the only that has annual subscription and it arrives directly into mailbox.
  • Today I feel Good towards money because: I am keeping expenses under the budget and it is good considering that if I will have a new job in September it will means new budget and at least a couple of months before it works correctly
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spending real time with my friends in the pool and walking in the center with another friend that was looking for a particoular model of panties...
  • I will consider this week a success if I: will complete all things I already wrote, keep to work hard on writing and side projects
  • Best book read in the past week: Wallbanger, it is funny and similar to Sex & the city show so I can really recommend it


  1. Ogni donna dovrebbe ricordarselo sempre!!!
    Comunque quella casa è veramente favolosa, bellissima :-)
    Un bacione

    The Princess Vanilla

  2. Già ogni tanto tendiamo a dimenticarcelo...e si la casa è splendida, questa foto è la riproduzione della mia casa ideale e ne ho trovata una simile ma la padrona è invacanza e prima di poterla visitare credo passerà tutta l'estate!!!


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