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If you are having a sort of staycation is good and nice watch a lot of tv, at begininning but then is seriously biring doing only i, so on Adventure Nannies instagram page I’ve found a list that would be great also for adults and mos of them don’t include tv(hurrah)
 Plus i've found this lovely scheme in facebook friend page...

  •      Draw with chalk
  • Go for a walk
  • .       Play a board game
  • Learn a new recipe
  •      Write a poem
  • Read
  •       Draw a comic
  • Face time with friend/family
  • .   Draw anything
  • Play with the dog
  • .   Research something
  • .   Learn to dance
  • .   Play Frisbee
  • .   Play football
  •    Play baseball
  •    Ride your bike
  • .   Go play with a friend
  • .   Join a club
  • .   Mail a card to a friend
  • .   Make art
  • .   Go for a run
  • .   Exercise, workout!
  • .   Learn something new
  • .   Go on a hike
  • .   Go fishing
  • .   Make s’mores
  • .   Blow bubbles
  • .   Plan a dream vacation
  • .   Study something you like
  • .   Gaze on the clouds
  •   Daydream
  •    Nap
  • .   Journal

  • .   Got rid of things you don’t need
  • .   Look old pictures
  • .   Have a picnic
  • .   Built a fort
  •   Have a next fort
  •  Invent something
  •    Make a secret code/language
  • .   Write a list of good things
  • .   Call a friend
  •   Do a puzzle
  • Play hide and seek
  • .   Came up with a new game
  • .   Go to a museum
  • .   Do a science experiment
  • .   Bake cookies
  • .   Meet your neighbors
  •   Clean your room
  •    Donate extra toys to charity
  • .   Do crosswords/Sudoku
  • .   Learn a magic trick
  • .   Fly a kite
  • .   Make paper airplanes
  • .   Write thank you note
  • .   Go to the zoo
  • .   Play legos
  • .   Make some hot chocolate
  • .   Go to the park
  • .   Practice math
  • .   Learn a new language
  • .   Do target practice
  • .   Do something FUN
I'm sure you'll find great alternatives way instead watching tv


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