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I was reading a very interesting post on "making sense of cents" and I've started to think about how my spending habits chanced since I have a budget.

Before the budget, almost all money were invested on things, I had zero savings, zero financial goals to achieve, no emergency fund and if my money ended I asled to my parents while now I am more conscious spender, if I go to H&M I am tempted always but i buy clothes I really need and that combine perfectly with items already are into my closet, I understood importance of budget, savings and finacial goals plus have emergency fund is been great for unexpected bills, I paid without askig help and without intacking savings:P hurrah for me!!!

Since 1st of august I am in my personal sort of shopping ban, no new clothes/bag/shoes/accessories if they aren't on my approved shopping list (that includes an organizer for 2016, a pair of winter leggins, a pair of gym shoes and bag for gym, light coat for fall, mobile-when blackberry dies and another winter dress), no books till December and only if I've read all books I've bought during summer, no takeout coffee is I am I was talking with some friends of mine and we agreed that now is more important pay for adventures and do you know more adventures are absolutely free!!!

If you are going to spend on the house where you're going to live forever is least for me!!!

Now I decided also another insane things, budget for personal expenses will be limited to €150 per month (it would cover fuel, magazines, eating out, fun stuff), every person that know it said that is insane, well I don't care this is my budget and this would mean to be more frugal but I am not going to became like an extreme cheapskater...and if I will have some leftover money that money will go directly into fund for travel... i am going to have day trips-weekend away when I will not work into the cafe:P I want to return to travel....every time I travel I combine my passions: travel, reading and eating and almost always I replicate dishes at home...

I can say since I have a budget I am more organized and onscious also if at the beginning is been hard and also if I still have an hate/love relation with budget -I must to admit sometimes I dream to have a bank account rich like a star:P is normal right?

however most important thing I understood that you can live a rich life also being cheap!!!


  1. I prefer the word frugal over cheap. I think what you are doing is frugal because you are trying to be more intentional with your spending! Good luck with your shopping ban!

  2. thanks, probably is true right word is frugal...I must to say sometimes is very hard resist to tempation and don't spend money but luckily plan a budget helps me a lot!!!


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