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When school ends, there is big dilemma in every family: summer homeworks, and you know someone that says that they’re not a problem, well they’re lying to you…dilemma is about when? What? Hom much? With who?

  • I was reading an interesting article about with some useful tips for them
  • First of all a good deal when school ands is doing absolutely nothing for at least 20 days ( day without nothig to do with a deadline)
  • After "day of nothing" approved time is ended, you need to start from somewhere, so best choche could be opt for summer books- I can say that I discovered a lot of books during summer season!!!
  • Is better change subject daily, so you can creat nice “hours packs combo), so kids and teen will not be bored and stressed from same subjects day by day
  • Create play with homeworks, How? Do you know trivial pursuit game? Well create a sort of competition, it is funny see who know what
  • Study together-ok I’m trying to imagine myself with a kid in primary school that needs help in math, I like budget but I could have serious problem with rest of calculus, plus also if my bro is a sort of genius in this field I don’t think he would be so patient with his nephew-but study together is something really nice but kids-teens must to do homeworks, not parents, you are the helper not the solver ok?
  • Balance homeworks with social life and video games 
  • Group of studies, teens and college students already have group of study why don't create one for your kid with best school mates, study together is always nice.

Most families needs to work for almost all the summer so choose to send their kids-teens to summer camps, well this doesn't means that homeworks will disappear but that you must to find a good time for them, a couple of hours from the end of campus day or during week end or if you're lucky there are summer camps that helps you having in their program an hour for homeworks.

Sometimes happens that summer homeworks include researches, well this can became seriously interesting because you can discover something "new" in your hometown like a very nice museum, a nice hiking trial, you can involve every member of family and add pictures and drawings to your projects


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