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I can still hear all my friends schocked when I said them that I spent 16 days in Michigan traveling with only hand baggage and personal bag, but I must to admit I am always worried that compagnie can lose my baggage…

Maybe years of summer camps helped me because I still remember that at the beginning I tried to put all my wardrobe into baggage but in the years I’ve noticed that I was wearing only few pieces so now I have a little strategy…that I am going to share with you ;P

When you travel I don’t think you are going to do this naked right? So what you wear during your trip is an outfit that you can use again.
Sun’ Lake? Mountain? Ok first of all depends from how many days you’re going to spend in your holiday location, however this is what I suggest to put in every baggage: bikini or swimsuit (2), a pair of shorts (idf you traveled wearing them opt for a pair of jeans or well ut black pants), two t-shirts ( black, white), a tank top, a nice dress, a skirt, flip flop sandals and a pair of nice sandals (high heels or flat is your choice), a nice bag,then panties and a bra and towels.
All pics are with items on Asos

You can add somy gym clothes if you’re going to have a sporty holiday doing trekking, but this list that I found in a magazine some years ago is very helpful because you can combine few pieces and have different oufits…isn’t great?

If I am traveling using car-bus-train I put also my beauty products, while for flight I don't like a lot the fact to have transparet bag wher liquids cannot be over 100ml, so I tend to buy in airport or on destination, putting my soaps in my baggage, sopas are solids so they're permitted:P but I am working on it because in the next years I would like to do an holiday on a boat, and you know boats aren't spacious so you need to have only essentials with you!!!


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