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It’s official I am going to find a home in the next 24 months, I’ve started some time ago but bank didn’t offer good mortages while now situation seems a little bit better, so I’ve started to book appointments with realtors and owners and I must to say that I loved my work as realtor so much that I am thinking if turn back into real estate’s world… but as I wrote I need to think a lot about work side…

However what I want absolutely in my house? I know for sure that I am not interested into rent I’m interested to find “MY HOUSE”, I grew up into a nice apartment with spacious rooms, so at the beginning I’ve tought to see new constructions…well honestly also a smurfs could have problems with this little rooms if you already have furnitures (I already have and are antique  furnitures from my grandparents that I love), so I’ve started to look old houses to renovate…. But not so far from centre maybe using bike instead car with shops in the neighborhood… but believe me I can say that I visited some horrible houses  (honestly call them house is a very very big compliment)…

But as realtor I did to myself same question I’d ask to a potential client:

Do you want to buy or rent? I ‘m going to buy I can accept rent only if I find my ideal house and we agree on rent to buy option…However if in the next 24 months I will not find it I will must to consider rent option.

Centre?Country? A mix of both considering that I'm grew up 15 minutes walking far from center but surrounded by nature, so find something similar could be a very good deal

How many rooms do you need? My dreams is to have a big big kitchen, then a good living room, at least 2 bedrooms , 3 would be ideal so I could use one as studio/office or I can use a corner of living room and 1 or 2 bathrooms...then I like single house with garden...also now when I draw my ideal house is similar not so big house with a garden...I already know that is will not be so easy...but I can accept compromise if I cannot have a garden I would like to have a big terrance:P

Which is your budget? ok this is still a good question I have in my mind a determinated amount while bank still didn't say nothing about amount I could ask so I 'm going to save more is possible to have a deposit for a home and so I could ask a cheaper amount for mortage...

however if you are going to use professional help, please be always honest with him/her and yourself, most realtors have salary based on commissions only so is normal that more you spend more they'll earn, but being honest you will not fall in love for something you can't afford

In the last issue of my favorite home furnitures magazine I found a very interesting article about a mobile home then during a day of walking for neighboorhood looking for fresh air I discover a little tiny home with  a giant garden (more than 2500 meters of garden) so I called the owner but she was out so I gave her my number to visit it when it will be possible...but for the moment no phone calls received yet.


  1. Good luck on the search! We're still in the saving process ourselves but hopefully not too far behind you!

  2. Thanks I'm in still inthe phase save for but I've started research of my ideal home so I have a more definited idea about what I am looking for ...good luck to you too:P


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