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Why is so hard to find a balance between fince/work/ife...there are period when I am able to do it with extrem calm and other when I need to plan almost the moment I can go into the toilet...I know it will not last forever but only for another couple of year to achieve at least half of personal finance goals...

Do you what I've learned having a budget and choose to have a frugal life? THat I was right saying that I had few TRUE FRIENDS and a lot of "people knew"...I was always full of people that wanted to came to a dinner ina fancy restaurant, a concert, or whatever included extreme spending...while when you are on a budget you need to find cheaper ways like: pic nic in the park, free events, movie night at homes...well true friends will keep on your side because for them is importan to have your company not your money, while who stay with you only whenyou open ed your wallet, magically disappeared...

I am not saying that I don't open my wallet or I don't have a social life, what I means is that isn't necessary to be rich to have a rich life...what usually I do?
Well for social life having few free time I tend to have a max of 1-2 happy hour per months and a max of 2 coffee in a cafe each week..My friends have a economical situation similar to mine (is better to attend people that are similar to you on economic side so you're not tempted to overspend) is good find cheaper local where we sit and talk...I don't drink a lot of alchol and for my happy hour usually I choose a "Sweetie fruit cocktail", in my hometown there is a restaurant/cafe that offers for €8 a great coctail with a big selection of we have a mix of happy hour and dinner for less of €10...this is really good for our pockets...then cafes comfty sit on a table is the moment that I prefer, is so good have real conversation with real personthat you can touch for real....

However also I am trying to became a saving nerd, I still have my habits that I put into my budget:
I love magazines and books, I did a selection of that I really love and buy only them, some are italian and some are foreigns...I know that there are digitl version but I prefer pare because it means that I can read in every moment and everywhere without being always connected, plus when a magazine became older I tend to use for diy projects-recycle is always good!!!

I love fashion but I cannt buy whatever I want every time I see something that I like, for example I tend to enter into shops, see what I like, take pic with my mobile and whenI came back at home, open my closet and see if I have something similar, if I already have I don't spend money, if I don't have I see if it can fit with all my clothes and I am sure to wear it several time...I tend to fix a budget also for shopping, yep sometimes happens unexpected, as the old bag that I've bought 2 years ago on sales for only €5 and now is falling in pieces (literally) and I needed to replace with a new one that I love and I am quiet happy cause I've spent only €9.90 (yes I am low cost person for clothes).

I love food and I can say I am a foodie but I don't eat out very often, cause I don't want to spend a fortune and then because I find relaxing cook by myself,planning weekly menu looking for seasonal product is healtier and savvy plus you're sure about what there exactly is into your dish...

When I work 7days per week I don't have tie to spend money, apart for fuel and for magazines but, at the same time I can say that after 2 years of budget I am still a work in progress, maybe now I did more question before do purchase but sometimes I didn't so probably I need to have more time to became a real savvy nerd and have a monthly budget that works for the entire year...

However for me is important to attend people that are on my same way with finances because we can support each other, find new cheaper ways to have fun together...while when you have friends with money seems that you are always do sacrifices to arrive to the end of the month while they can afford everything they want, everywhere and you could be tempted to overspend to do the same things, risking high debts or bankruptcy (However watch friends with money money withJennifer Aniston)...while attending people as you in my personal opinion is better because you can really share your life at same level!!!


  1. Ammiro molto la razionalità con cui riesci a non cedere all'impulso di comprare vestiti ma di ragionare in seguito su se ti sarà veramente utile!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

  2. Ci provo ad esserlo nonstante abbia continui colpi di fulmine nei negozi, ancora sto pensando al vestitino rosso di H&M, mi piace, non costa molto MA non sono sicura di indossarlo abbastanza spesso da giustificare l'acquisto!!!

  3. great post and nice blog! :)


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