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Usually when you have the dinner or nights for girls only, is quiet normal talk about MEN... I have a lot of men friends and they are more honest of us...I must to confess that if I have some problems to understand something about male world I ask directly to my male friends and most of them do the same thing with my opinion is possible to have a friendship between man and woman....

The past week I was talking with my friend that is living a romantic story and usually this is the best period when everything is perfect....well for my friend wasn't so because she had problem with another girl of group that seemed was the "secret crush" of her actual this girl  that I can say is ugly (yes she is a petite brunette but in my personal opinion she is ugly) is far away but my friend had problems thinking about her return and the fact that her boyfriend is the only one that has a contact, but for what I've undertood about Tommy is that is a person that want to be friend with everyone and be a sort of peace's agent...but at the same time I don't understand this thing, why you must to give importance about this person? plus this girl is the ex girlfriend of another memberof the group (but now he is in love with another lovely girl).
Me and my friend were talking about loves and friendship, is nice share friends but honestly I think you must have your group and keep a little space of independence, but what happens when two memeber of the same group broke?

Another friend of mine that is recently became a newmum, I must to say that her daughter is beautiful, changed a lot her lifestyle since she moved to live together with her boyfriend and now probably she understood better other things....however we were talking about her life before and after Luca (her fiancè), wwhen she was involved in another story I remember that she wanted to stay at home with her family for long long time, she didn't pay bill and at least once every month she did a great shopping, honestly when she had discussions with ex then she spent a big amounts, since Luca is arrived in her life she changed and when they decided to live together she became really different...I know her since we were two kids and I can say that now she is a really adult!!!

On Wed, I had a long conversation via chat with another friend of mine about Men and their insecurity, she met time ago a nice young man and they spent time together but now she is finishing and reaching all her goals while he is a person unhappy, so I suggest her to suggest to him to follow all his dreams. he would like travel more, learn language, have a own business, so I said "well, he can do everything,, he can do a study holiday so can lean and study a new language visiting a new country, he can keep his actual job and in his free time atten course to learn more about business he wants to create...but then we started to talk about the fact usually person that ren't secure are us, the women....

Then another firend of mine is became worried because she is hanging out with a men that is finishing university and working as waiter while she is earning more and doing another work, sometimes they talk about future and seems that he didn't start to think about future for the moment is ok what is doing...but she cannot imagine a future with someone that earn less than her, so I asked her "but you love him right?" and she replied "yes but I don't want to feel better than him for my work, my salary or my lifestyle", me-"well, it is understandable but I can sayt hat you are more happy since he is arrived in your life, you're doing whatever you want, you two share same interests andhe is the first man in years that is not trying to hanging something of you, think about it"....well I can say that they're still together and doing a lot of future projects and I'm really happy and proud of them...

Yesterday evening I spent some time alone or better I was doing night dog sitting, and in tv there was Sex & the city and in that episode there was the exactly scenes tht my friends and in the end I understood that also if you would like to change something into your partner maybe you must to think better because what you'd like to change are the same things that make you fall in love and is important to have your friends that will be always on your side !!!

Which is your personal opinion about it?


  1. I think if you really love a person, than you shouldn't try to change it!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???


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