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Countdown to Christmas is began, I don't have big plansfor this festivity because I will be quiet busy with day job and side projects but I'm really glad about it. However I've read lovely post from Blonde on a Budget about If we were on a coffee date:

If we were on a coffe date:you would notice that I drink cappuccino with dark sugar or little espresso macchiato, dark coffee only at home as first coffee in the morning...
If we were on a coffe date: I'd talk about one good bad first date with a guy that watched his mobile phone all the entire date, sorry but when I am on a date with man or friend my mobile stay inside my bag
If we were on a coffe date I'd talk about my passion for books and talk about last purchases into bookstore, one about recipes, some fiction books, and some about decluttering

 If we were on a coffe date: I'd invite you in new french patisserie-bakery that has mini magnificient sweets, that are true art and explosion of favour inside your mouth
If we were on a coffe date I will walk with you into Christmas market into the centre of town and then go to little ice par for ice skating , also if I never tried it I prefer one Ice palce far 1 hour and half from my hometown
If we were on a coffee date you would notice that I always have a magazine or a book inside my maxi bag:P
If we were on a coffee date I would talk you about the fact I'm going to do shopping directly from my closet for the next month and I'm going to have my capsule winter wardrobe like musical poem
If we were on a coffe date you will discover tha tI walk almost 2 hours at least 3 times per week for my realtor's job (researching homes)
If we were on a coffee date you will know that I hate cold months and winter but I have a special feeling with Christmas

If we were on a coffee date I'd let you know every plan I have for this 2016 in professional and personal side, about blog, realtor job, career, book that is a constant work inprogress and other things

If we were on a coffee date I will let you know that I try to be always positive and find every day at least one thing to thank God


if we were on a coffee date, I’d ask if there was anything else you wanted to accomplish before the end of the year.What about a coffee date with you?


  1. Da coffee-lover quale sono, questo post sembra preparato a puntino per me!
    Buon weekend e un bacio grande!!

    The Princess Vanilla

    1. Siamo due coffe addict:P Buon week end anche a te :*


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