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There are people that swap their day job transforming their side hustles into businesses and other that use side hustles to earn a little bit more without leaving day job, well this is my choiche and since i’ve downloaded a free book into my tablet about how earn more with side hustle, I receiving a lot f tips, information and suggestions… unexpectedly also from friends.

Do you know I’ve talked with most of them walking in the centre for errand drinking my water bottle (I always have one into my bag) so takeout coffee aren’t been necessary. It is been a very good deal this week
During a morning I was in company of my friends that has a roommate but they have only one car parking private space so they’re looking for a garage near their home, so I asled a little bit more and I’ve thought instantly to my full garage…well if I had a canteen and an empty garage I could use it earning some extra money renting it and without moving a finger…

In my area garage's rent tyoical cost is between €50 and €70 so it would mean a potential income of €600-€840, well is a good amount without extra work right?
Another friend of mine has bought his tiny house some years ago but it is situated ina good location so he found a nice side hustle way, he listed his house into Air B&B, renting room or the entire apartment,  but before to do it please study well rules and information about taxes for this kind of rentals, usually every country/region has a determinate amount has limit and believe me is better to respect this limit…

When they asked me which kind of extra income I have already tried, I said "well for a couple of years I am been dog sitter and barista all at once while in the last year I worked as nanny and I’m been barista during weekends from October till the end of June", yep this means that from October till June I don’t hang out on Saturday nights because my alarm clock will ring on 6 a.m. on Sundays so my Saturday plans usually include a couch and tv or bed and books or cooking ( I find it very relaxing) and when I still have some energy a dinner between friends… seriously I am not been night owl type!

There is another field that you could consider, became a mentor, for example if you are a monster in something (math, science, music, foreign language, cooking) use your ability becaming a teacher, believe me there is always someone that need help or wants to learn something new, for example my friend Sammy last year asked to her boyfriend's mother to teach how to knitting and she loved.

Maybe you are younger and you are looking for some extra so why don't became a baby sitter believe me some times far from kids is very helpful for couples, at least this is what my married or friends with kids say me  everytime I ask, but you must to like kids because a person that dislike kid will not be a good baby sitter, while if you like them but sometimes you think "Ok I didn't killed anyone today" is normal, believe me!!!


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As I wrote some post ago first time I saw Olivia Palermo into "the city show" I found her nasty and posh but I always admitted that I loved (and I still like a lot) her outfits because she was ans still is always perfect... so if you have just received a phone call for job interview see her outfit searching inspiration (web will help you to find low cost similar clothes but on your budget so bankruptcy isn't an option)...

The other woman that I admire for her style is italian curvy model Elisa D'ospina, she is really beautiful woman and her outfits are perfect, because if you are curvy sometimes isn't so easy to find right outfit for you...

One thing that you must to do during job interview is smile, have a good voice (not too high/low volume/tone), not too much make up, clean hair and I suggest to study the agency so you'll be prepared on questions about their business and wear clean clothes, I can  remember that time that a friend of mine wore her favorite wh…