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This past week is been busy as usual but with sunny days I used some of my free time to spend quality time with friends and family relaxing, having sunbathing and swimming all at once and this is a very good deal for me…

I’ve started some decluttering projects, I’ve read a couple of books and just started a third, plus I listened all my friends holidays projects, also if I am a little bit envy I am glad to say that I am planning a lovely holiday during autumn months.

I still have long list of things to do to complete but I already achieved half of them and I’m really proud about it. I love write lists don’t ask me why but I like them and with good list I’m able to resist to several temptations daily (hurrah for my wallet and my budget)….but I am glad to say that I have tracked aweek eating on a budget and seriously I think I've ate very healty.

DO you know? During one decluttering days into books and magazines I found a lovely magazine with models and clothes for curvy and also if the issue is from 2013 clothes inside are still amazing plus into it there are schemes to make these clothes by yourself sewing…well I have sewing machine but I am not so good on use it but one of my personal goals of 2016 is try to create and sew something by myself…
I receive several emails from online shops and there was one from Day Springs that captured my attention because it was about Christmas sales in July…well to be honest I like to buy Christmas gifts during month of Novemer but then after a grocery shopping into commercial center I did a stop into jewelry shop and I’m been captured from a lovely simple bracelet with a sparkling butterfly and I’ve thought that It was perfect gift for a friend of mine but I didn’t shop because also if is true that you can find good deal months before, I’m still thinking if buy or not…what would you do?

I like read and discover new blogs and vlogs and in this past week I watched great videos form Gazelle in Tents, they are a lovely young couple on a budget and their videos have great tips and suggestions.

  •  the most I've spent this past week was on:grocery store and my weekly magazine, well total is under €20 so it is a very good deal for my budget!!!
  • Today I feel OK towards money because I am keeping budget and finances under control and having close friends that are in my similar financial situation they understand me when I say "Oh I cannot because I don't have money till X day or I cannot afford it because it is over my budget", I don't think it would be the same having only friends with more money than me
  • Money can't buy happiness One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spend quality time with family and have time to read books
  • I will consider this week a success if I will able to go to thrifty store, during this month I must to go here
  • Unexcpected gift : my mother bought me an amazing pair of handmade earrings in a open stand at Bolsena's lake, it is been a lovely and absolutely unexpected gift


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