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I was reading last Comopolitan Uk issue and I found very interesting an article about mileston and age that we would must to have to achieve them…

FIRST KISS 15: Ok anyone know Bottle’s game? However my first real kiss is been at 16, and it is weird but nice at the same time
FIRST FULL TIME JOB 20: Ok I’ve started to work in the café during weekend full of tennistable champions when I was 16 and my first real job is been at 23 but I had several part time jobs so probably I worked more than a regular job office, also if it sometimes I miss it!
PASS DRIVING TEST 20: In Italy you can have drive license from 18 but when I became 18 I said that I didn’t want to take it, don’t ask me why, but then I understood importance of it and I took it when I was almost 19. But I am not going to drive in Rome, every time I go here I use train and subway, great combo and I can have nice walks too. I've just renovated my drive license for other 0 years and I remember that I've thought OMG already 10 years passed?
FIRST HOLIDAY WITH FRIENDS 20: Summer camps count? If they count I had my first holiday with friends at 11 in a Christian summer camps, followed by other camps till my 19 and then I did a long weekend with  friends after 23…
BUY FIRST CAR 22:  Are you serious? I’m driving the old car that was of my brother, I’d like to buy a new one in the next year but for the moment my finances are still in the phase savings for financial goal and my car is perfect for my hometown, also if fuel is a little bit expensive sometimes this is why is so important to have a good budget
FIRST HOLIDAY WITH A PARTNER 23: ok I never had one and I’m 31 and I’m Ok with it, I know more relations ended after and/or during for the moment I do holiday with friends...
BE A BRIDESMAID 23: Usually I’m the guest, I have friends that already asked to be their bridesmaid when will be their Big day, but for the moment this BIG day seems so far….
FIRST RENT on your own: I live with family, you can judge me because I’m 31 but you don’t know my family healt issue, I’ve choose to stay near family and if you are ok with your choices I’m ok with mines… My room is a sort of magic corner where I can work, relax, dreaming, drawing and organize a lot of things it is my space
RENT WITH A PARTNER 25: Sorry I will rent with a partner when I will be married, so for the moment my room is the best deal
GET Engaged 25 Really? Oh man I’m seriously late…no worry I’m ok with my status and seems that also my friends thinks the same thing considering that we are all up 27 and not still engaged:P
GET MARRIED 27: Have you read previous answer, I’m not engaged and not married and I’m ok I know that will arrive a day when I will understand that is the great moment but now it is arrived that moment
HAVE FIRST CHILD 28: I have friends that are married from years but with no kids yet, others that had first child during their tweinties, I can say that for my 28 years I gifted my self with a surgery to remove an ovaric cyst, so if a day I will have natural child ok if not I am open to adoption (also if is really hurting that you must to pay a lof for adoption documents)
BUY FIRST HOUSE 29: Again? I am in the process of saving to achieve my financial goals and I’m looking for house to buy, I gave to myself a determinate time to find it but if it will not happens I will not consider a failure.

Do you know when I felt a sort of failure, when I falled down on my knee, I felt weird and ridiculus now it is good but honestly if you haven’t achieved those milestones in exactly age don’t worry is normal… andhonestly I feel a little bit ridiculus that you must to fell a loser because you are living with roommates, family and you aren’t married…. Howeer is interesting read this article, then compared them with your life and be happy about yourself believe me you achieved a lot of other goals that aren’t write in this kind of lists.


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