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Ok I must to confess that sometimes I love some tv proggrams that you can eaily call “TRASH”, but I find them funny , have you ever watched an episode of “Extreme cheapskates”?
They can ssave tons of dollars but I must to say that probably I’ll not be able to do same things…also if sometimes some tips can be good, but almost always they’re too much savvy…. I am on a budget but this doen’t means that I mustn’t to have a life, you can have a great one also without being a millionaire:P

The other night I was reading Good housekeepping UK and there was a nice article about 15 clever money hacks you need to know
My supplies for budgeting days
  • Be a control freak-I still remember when a collegue of mine (I was working in a call center at that time) said: there is too much month when your salary ends, so a little tip is to start to take notes about your purchases daily, writing detailed and in the night control area that you can change and save.
  • Protect yourself- Control you documents, sometimes also banks can be wrong, anybody is perfect,
  • Starts a rainy fund day NOW- Imagine worst scenario eer, you lose your job and you don't have saved a penny but your bills still arrive in your mail box, what can you do? start dave for rainy day, a sort of emergency fund to cover from 3 to 6 months of your fixed expenses
  • Demolish the paperwork- if you are the boss of yourself, you know that you must to keep documents for deteminated years, but for the rest use pc to scan them or put in order documents that you must to have and conserve in their original paper version
  • Up sticks- If your current account isn't delivering high interest rate or the custumer service you want switch, it requires only 10 minutes but sometimes banks don't want to lose clients so they can offe cash incentives
  • Get with the grown-there are new card that permit you to spend a determinated amount (under €25) without entering your pin, it is called contactless bank card
  • Cut the hassle factor-Try to save monthly amount to cover annual costs of your utilities, maybe you can open a saving direct deposit where put determinated amount each month
  • Get a bank app- Almost every bank offers online banking, i am using it since 2013 and I love it because I can see and control if my budget is working directly from my mobile-tablet-pc
  • Keep them keen- Insurance companies often count on us automatically renewing but prices became higher time after time, it happened to me with car insurance this June, now I am covered till December but I am going to: compare prices
  • Abandon your posts?-Good housekeeping recommend to stick your paper copies of statements, honestly I am not agree with this point, if online banking works well you can notice errors also here.
  • Your new best pal-Save the hassle of entering your card details and address every time you buy online, by setting up a paypal account, Note: is important : never again you'll disclose your card information online
  • Spend and earn- if you have the habit to pay with your card be sure to do it in shops that offers cashpoint back
  • Cash in a dash- Paym is a new service that permits you to make pyments directly into someone else's current without their account number or sort code, you need to register mobile telephone number with your bank then simply login in your online account and enter phone number of the person you want to pay.Honestly I am niot sure this service is available in Italy but in the Uk yes
  • Danger-Get an alert from your bank on your mobile to warn you if your funds go under a certain limit
  • Money for nothing- build up a tidy sum registering with cashback website, click throught to your favourite retailers, shop and earn a small percentage of the cost back.
Have you any advice/tip/suggestion for savings?


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